Q. Does the Academy give preference to brothers or sisters

A. No preference is given to applicants of siblings (brothers or sisters)

Q. I live on Lichfield Road outside the Academy, does this increase my chances of being admitted to the Academy?

A. Yes. The applicants that live closest to the Academy in each band stand the best chance of gaining admission to the Academy.

Q. I have a child at the Academy from the old Outer Catchment Area and I am unhappy about the Rules of Admission, who do I complain to?

A. You should address your complaint to:-

The Office of the Schools Adjudicator Mowden Hall

Darlington DL3 9BG

Email: osa.team@osa.gsi.gov.uk Tel: 01325 735 303

Q. Do I live in your catchment area?

A. The applicants that live closest to the Academy in each band stand the best chance.

Q. Why do you have two deadlines?

A One is to register with Walsall Academy and the other is to register with the Local Authority.

Q. Do I have to complete a Local Authority Form?

A. Yes. It can be found here: Walsall Council – Secondary School Admissions

Q. Do you take students with special educational needs?

A. Yes.

Q. Do you have a unit for behaviour or special needs?

A. No.

Q. Do you give support in sessions to help students with special educational needs?

A. Yes.

Q. Does the Academy organise transport?

A. No.  However, there is a bus stop at the Academy gates with regular buses and a train station which is a 10 minute walk away.

Q. When can I apply for a place at Walsall Academy for my child?

A. No earlier than 1 September in the year that your child enters Year 6.  Note: Applications must be completed with Walsall Academy by around 1 October and Walsall Local Authority by 31 October each year.

Q. Will my child have a better chance of a place if they are ranked at the top of the band?

A. No.  Once placed in a band, the actual score is no longer relevant.  It then is decided by distance measured from the Academy.

Q. Do I have a better chance if I put Walsall Academy as my first choice?

A.We do not find out which choice we are placed at by applicants.  However, Walsall Council will consider choices when allocating places to applicants.

Q. I live 5 miles from Walsall Academy, is it worth me applying?

A. The applicants that live closest in each band have the best chance of gaining a place at Walsall Academy.

Q. Does it matter if my application is late?

A. Yes.  Late applications are considered after all other applications unless there is very good reason for the lateness.  As we are always oversubscribed, late applicants will almost certainly not be offered a place.