School Reopening on Wednesday 2 September 2020

Year 12

Year 12 Induction Day will start at 10am in the Academy Theatre.  The day will finish at 2.40pm.

Normal start time will be at 8.30am and finish time will be at 2.40pm.

Students should arrive for an 8.30am start.  There will be no morning break for Sixth Form students to have breakfast.  This is so that we can effectively segregate the Sixth Form from the other year groups.

Brunch/Lunch for Sixth Form will be 11.15am to 12pm every day.  Sixth Formers can sign out for their lunch breaks.  If they wish to eat in the Academy they can do so between 11.15am and 11.40am, but must leave the restaurant at that time so that it can be cleaned properly before the next students come down for their lunch.

The students will finish at 2.40pm and must leave the premises unless they have been invited to attend our academic session 3 programme.  The academic session 3 programme is designed around small group intervention.

There will be no requirement for Sixth Formers to be on site unless they have a taught lesson.

Sixth Form students should not have any contact with any other year groups. Because of this we will not be having our usual Personal Tutorial time each day.  The Personal Tutor (PT) will meet with their tutees in the first full week and will phone home to check in with parents.  The PT will be keeping contact with their tutees ‘virtually’ using Microsoft Teams. Some PTs will make additional arrangements just for Sixth Formers, as this is such an important time for them.

Timetables for 2020-21 will be emailed to the students’ Walsall Academy email accounts and to parents on 20 August.

Please click here to read the important information about Autumn Term Arrangements for Year 12 students.

Coronavirus and Structure of the Day

The plans for the larger return of students and staff to the building have been made in conjunction with ‘Social Distancing’ rules and the Covid-19 Risk Assessment.

It is a requirement of all students to observe the ‘social distancing’ rules as follows:

  • Do not come to school if you or anyone in your household have any of the Covid-19 symptoms; fever, persistent cough, loss of sense of smell or taste;
  • Arrive during the stated time frame only and do not congregate outside the Academy gates on Lichfield Road;
  • Report directly to your timetabled classroom and no other place within the school;
  • Leave the Academy immediately once lessons have finished;
  • Keep your distance from others wherever possible, especially adults and those not in your year group bubble;
  • Wash or sanitise your hands when arriving at school and regularly throughout the day;
  • Avoid touching your face;
  • Do not share equipment with others.  Make sure you bring everything you need (e.g. exercise books, completed work, pen, ruler, calculator etc.);
  • Wherever possible avoid public transport by walking or cycling to school;
  • Refrain from socialising with peers before or after school, as per current government guidance.

Please click here for Year 12 Social Distancing Instructions.

Please click here for guidance on NHS Test and Trace.

Security and visitors

Owing to Covid-19 we are not accepting visitors, including parents, unless absolutely necessary.  We ask that instead you contact the Academy by telephone on (01922) 493910 or email

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