Walsall Academy is taking part in the National strategy for NHS Test and Trace to stem the transmission of Covid-19.

To safeguard the health of the teaching workforce and keep as many staff and students in school and college as possible, the government have made rapid-result coronavirus (COVID-19) tests available to schools. This will help identify asymptomatic cases – which make up a third of all cases – limiting the spread of the virus.


From January 2021, rapid-result tests were provided to schools and colleges.  This started with secondary schools and FE colleges, including special schools and alternative provision:

  • for the school and college workforce to conduct weekly testing – this will help identify those who are carrying the virus without displaying symptoms, reducing the risk of transmission

For every group, testing is voluntary, but those who are eligible for tests are strongly encouraged to participate to reduce the risk of transmission within schools and colleges.

Conducting testing in schools and colleges

Research has shown how rapid testing can be used effectively and have positive impacts in schools and colleges. The lateral flow tests provided to schools and colleges produce a result in 15 minutes and do not require a laboratory to process.

Schools and colleges should make clear to staff and pupils that a negative test result does not remove the risk of transmission. In some cases, someone who has tested negative may still have the undetected disease and be infectious. It is therefore essential that everyone continues to follow good hygiene and observe social distancing measures whether or not they have been tested.

Anyone who is showing symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) who has a negative result from a rapid test will be required to self-isolate until the result from a lab-based polymerise chain reaction (PCR) test is known.

Our test site will be in the Academy’s Sports Hall.  Students should enter the building via the external doors and not through the Academy.

Consent is required before any test can be carried out.  Please ensure that the student the completed online NHS Registration using the Registration QR Code and Barcodes provided. Help is available in school where this is not possible at home.

For the initial testing, students will return home after the test (or back to lessons if in school).

If the test result is positive, we will contact parents immediately the student must then isolate for 10 days.

Risk Assessment for Covid-19 Testing in Schools

Risk Assessment for Covid-19

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