Mr. Simon Rogers
Mr. Simon RogersHeadteacher
Mr. Peter Andrews
Mr. Peter AndrewsDirector of ICT
Mr. Adrian Armstrong
Mr. Adrian ArmstrongDeputy Head
Mrs. Sanita Charalambous
Mrs. Sanita CharalambousDeputy Head
Mr. Jon Clarke
Mr. Jon ClarkeShadow Headteacher
Mrs. Claire Curry
Mrs. Claire CurryDeputy Head
Mr. Neil Dingle
Mr. Neil DingleDeputy Head
Miss Leigh Milkamanavicius
Miss Leigh MilkamanaviciusDirector of Modern Foreign Languages
Mr. Fergus Morrin
Mr. Fergus MorrinDeputy Head
Dr. Rebecca Somerfield
Dr. Rebecca SomerfieldDeputy Head - Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr. Richard Taylor
Mr. Richard TaylorShadow Headteacher
Mrs. Sharon Turnbull
Mrs. Sharon TurnbullPersonal Assistant to the Headteacher